2-In-1 Pet Hair Dryer


Battling to dry your pet's fur each time you give them a shower?

Drying them with a towel simply causes the fur to get tangled and crimped, and utilizing standard blow dryers can terrify your canine. Need a more secure, simpler other option? Attempt the 2-In-1 Pet Hair Dryer!

This imaginative prepping instrument includes a brush with hot air vents, permitting you to dry your canine's hide as well as brush them for an all around prepared look. The round-edged fibers are delicate on their skin and the super peaceful dryer transforms prepping meetings into a fun, holding movement that your canine will most likely adore!

- Detangles the hide and disposes of soil

- Feels like a delicate back rub that loosens up your canine

- Helps keep the hide delicate and sparkly

- Perfect for canines with a wide range of hide and hair lengths

Specifications - 
  • Product Type - 2-In-1 Pet Hair Dryer
  • Weight - 1.47 Pounds
  • Input Voltage - AC 220V / 60HZ
  • Power Consumption - 300W
  • Cable Length - 6.6 ft / 2 m


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