Pet Bathing Tool and Massager

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Our pet washing apparatus is particularly reasonable for pets who don't prefer to scrub down.

The pet shower sprayer has a customizable length wearable plan that permits the connector of the pet washing instrument to handily deal with various styles of spigots without stressing over being unusable and simple to introduce the canine shower sprayer.

This NEW Pet Shower Sprayer and Scrubber is an incredible method to make pet wash time more charming by giving you the force of control. This wearable mix sprayer scrubber fits in the palm of your hand, permitting you generally to have the other hand to monitor the pet.

Sprayer and Scrubber In Your Palm

✔ Less Spraying Water For Less Mess.

✔ Saves Water and Time.

✔ Reduce Stress During Bath Time For Anxious Pets.

✔ One Size Fits All.

✔ Strap Attaches Securely To Your Hand.

Work on Your Pets Bath Time at Home

Helpful and Easy To Use

The pet shower connection will save you time, cash and water when washing your shaggy companions at home. The sprayer can be introduced in minutes, so it is consistently all set for the following shower!

Kills Mess and Stress

This across the board apparatus allows you to brush and flush your pet all the while for quicker washing with no compelling reason to stress over pail washing. The palm button instrument is not difficult to utilize, allowing you to turn on/off the water without utilizing the other hand!

Joins Bathe and Massage:

The pet preparing instrument is an unquestionable requirement have for your pet's spa day. It consolidates water splash and brush, giving your canine an extreme shower experience that will leave them feeling clean from head to tail!

Indoor/Outdoor Use

The pet scrubber accompanies connectors that can be utilized on a fixture or a nursery hose, so you can without much of a stretch make a creature prepping station inside in the bath or outside. incorporates 8-foot hose

Quality Materials

The scrubber instrument is made of 100% FDA-grade silicone material, sufficiently able to deal with any hide yet at the same time kind and delicate on your pet's touchy regions.

Ergonomic Design

With a plan that fits all hands, this pet washing apparatus lashes safely to one or the other hand. The ON/OFF button is strategically placed in your palm, and the tie changes effectively to fit on any hand size.

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