Pet Bathing Tool and Massager


Giving a bath to your pets got a little easier with this  Pet Bathing Tool. This tool combines the functions of pet shower sprayer and scrubber, freeing up one hand to be used to hold your pet and calm them down. Another handy trick with this nifty tool is that it can be used as hair remover if used when it's dry. The adjustable strap makes it a perfect fit for hands of every size, and the unique flow control design makes it easy to control water flow on or off from the tool without having to reach for the faucet.

The pet scrubber is equipped with connectors that can be connected to a faucet or a garden hose so that it can be used indoors and outdoors. This pet shower sprayer is made of quality materials such as FDA-grade silicone material, sufficiently tough for heavy use yet gentle enough for your pets. 

  • Hose Length: 8 ft
  • One size fits all

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