Floppy Fish Interactive Cat Kicker Toy

$15.99 $19.99

The Floppy Fish is fish kicker toy that moves on its own. It kicks very much like a real fish when it is tapped, and automatically shut itself off when not in use. With catnip inside that stirs your cat's interest, your cat can entertain themselves even when you're not home to hold the string toy for them. The problem with string toys we have at Fabb Pets is that our resident cat loses interest in it within several seconds and starts to attack the wand, and eventually, the hand holding it. No more screaming in pain making the cat run away within minutes of play with this interactive toy!

  • Practical fish simulation: Not only the Floppy fish resembles a real life fish, it also behaves like one. It provides long stretches of good times for your felines.
  • USB chargeable: No need to run out for replacement batteries every few months.
  • Non-toxic and safe materials: Cottons, plush, catnip

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