Interactive Pet String Ball Toy

$35.99 $79

Our pets can get pushed and exhausted as well.  Interactive Pet String Ball Toy is one of the evaluated and most sought after cat toy on the planet that has been intended to give your feline endless long periods of recess. The greatest aspect? 

Subsequent to turning it on, the ball is naturally brought down and lifted and its Smart Motion Sensor will viably identify your feline playing designs. The Interactive Pet String Ball Toy can likewise be consequently wound down following 5 minutes all together not to over exhaust your feline.

The convenience of the Interactive Pet String Ball Toy improves everything! Clasp it on to your work area, your table at home and in a real sense anyplace you'd like.

The Interactive Pet String Ball Toy is a stunning way for your felines to deliver energy! Make recess more charming by recreating their senses!

Continuously battery-powered, made with excellent material and first class super advanced, the Interactive Pet String Ball Toy is setting down deep roots. Intuitive and fun, provide your four legged companion with the perfect toy.

Introducing the toy is really simple. Essentially load two AAA batteries and interface the extravagant ball to the movable base. Then, at that point, basically proceed/OFF switch at the top and watch your feline have a great time.

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