Enchanting Cute Cat Holders

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Our stunning cats are utilized generally to hold earphones, which gives them a mind blowing view. You will not have the option to quit taking a gander at them!

They can help you hold different things like pens, eggs, books, anything that you can consider.

Our Enchanting Cat Item Holders are ideal for room enrichment

Simple to convey: with the lightweight and compact size, our little felines are simple and helpful to convey.

Features - 

 Cat Desk Accessory: This is a new and fascinating work area adornment, very charming feline, enchanting posture, let you feel a little loose external the irksome work.

Earphone Desk Holder: Do you place your earphones arbitrarily? Is it true or not that you are concerned that you can't track down your earphones in the wake of setting them? This provocative kitty will assist you with finding your earphones effectively.

Numerous Functions: obviously it's not only a straightforward earphone holder, you can put pens, links, headbands, or even utilize five felines to put your telephone, the imagination is boundless, you can observe these feline beautifications with different contraptions can accomplish unforeseen outcomes.

Charming Cat Holder: PVC plastic, each feline is around 2 inches high, 1 inch wide, weighing 0.53oz, doesn't occupy a lot of room, simple to convey.
In the event that the item you got is faulty or inadmissible, kindly reach us for substitution, we will furnish you with the best. Hope all of you have a good time!


✔️ Material: PVC + Plastic

✔️ Height: 5.5cm/1.9"

✔️ Width: 3,2cm/1.2"

✔️ Non-Toxic and safe for children.


 Included in the Package :

✔   5 cat item holders with different colors as shown above

✔   You can purchase each toy cat individually.

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