2 in 1 Pet Bowl with Automatic Water Dispenser

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  • NO SPILL DESIGN: The notch is intended to keep food and water from sprinkling. It can save food, yet in addition keep the floor clean. No compelling reason to stress over the untidy floor any more


  • PROGRAMMED WATER DISPENSER: The pet bowl embraces siphon guideline to keep water consistently in a steady level and fill the water naturally. Your exquisite little pets can drink fresh water constantly
  • DETACHABLE DESIGN: Each piece of the pet bowl can be segregated and cleaned. The hardened steel food bowl can be utilized separately. The white plastic sheet can keep hide of the mouth from getting wet when drinking
  • Excellent MATERIAL: Made of premium treated steel which is food-grade, non-poisonous, innocuous however tough and recyclable with a one of a kind ABS gum dish. ABS pitch is more scratch safe and solid than customary plastic

  • FREE FOOD SCOOP SPOON: Its measuring spoon ensure scientific pet feeding, with a measuring cup scale ( 8 oz ) to avoid over feeding. This silicone collapsible spoon can also be used as a sealed clip to prevent pet food from spill out and damp.

Product Dimensions: 

1. Water bottle capacity: 16.9 oz.

2. Colors: Pink, Bluish Green, Gray

4. Bowl Size: 5.5" *1.6"  ( Diameter *Height )



1. 2 in 1 automatic feeder

2. Stainless steel food bowl, ABS resin base dish, 16.9oz plastic water bottle and a white plastic sheet

3. It's better for cats, small or medium, large sized dogs, guinea pig and other small animals.

4. The groove is designed to prevent food and water from spilling

5. Free gift: collapsible measuring cup and spoon silicon sealing clip

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