Pet Grooming Gloves For Dogs and Cats

$24.99 $49.99


We have incredible answer for your shaggy issues!

Attempt our Pet Grooming Gloves and totally disregard shedding like a terrible bad dream. Dispose of hairballs before they show up for the last time!

With Two-Hands Performance you'll accomplish twice quicker and more amazing prepping results while simply petting and stroking your pet! Not any more distressing pursuing attempting to brush out your pet. Our great Grooming Gloves were intended to be very delicate with your pet bringing just fulfillment and joy.

Disregard SHEDDING! - Our Gloves effectively eliminate free pet hair and tangles so no hide goes flying.

Improved FIVE FINGER DESIGN - Allows you to prep difficult to-arrive at places like face, legs or tail.

PETS LOVE GLOVE - Rubber tips give delicate loosening up knead. Petting is superior to pet pursuing!

DO IT WITH BOTH HANDS! - Cut your preparing meetings twice and get more opportunity for play or outside walk



You'll Get Left and Right Gloves - Use your two hands while preparing your fuzzy companion!

Improved Five Finger Gloves Design - Gently clean touchy difficult to-arrive at places, similar to face, tail or legs.

Use them wet or dry - Palm covering will assist with keeping your hands and fingernails clean.

Pets Love Glove Massage - Scrubbing stubs give loosening up rub, your pet will request more!

Diminish Shedding - Regular brushing eliminates free hair and mats from your pet's jacket.

Ideal for All Furry Friends - Skittish felines, perky canines or agile ponies!

Anyway, what are you sitting tight for? As you see, we have thought everything out, our Grooming Gloves are exactly what you need!


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