Slow Feeding Pet Bowl

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Does your pets eat down their food? Is it true that you are stressed over your pets becoming overweight? It's no sooner put down than it's vanished? Despite the fact that it's a base desire to get food rapidly while it's there eating food isn't useful for their processing.

This progressive sluggish taking care of bowl with a raised riddle configuration is an extraordinary way for them to eat increasingly slow fun simultaneously.


✅ HEALTHIER bulging and heartburn is similarly as awkward for pets for what it's worth for us. Eating more slow aides the stomach related cycle.

✅ HELPS TO PREVENT CHOKING getting their food in more modest pieces implies there s less possibility of pieces stalling out in their throat

✅ FUN animates that doggie scavenging nature. Making taking care of time fun.

✅ MESS FREE no more food all around the floor as the non-slip, tumbling configuration holds the bowl back from spilling

✅ EASY TO CLEAN sturdy, non-harmful, and harmless to the ecosystem material

✅ 3 GREAT Colors TO CHOOSE FROM ... Blue, Pink, Green

Dimensions: Bowl diameter: 6.6" top and 8.19" bottom

Capacity: About 1.5 to 2 cups of kibbles

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