Sofa Bed for Small Dogs and Cats


Let's face it. The most coveted seat of any room is occupied by the cat or the dog ninety percent of the time if not more. Why wouldn't it be though? Everybody wants to take the seat that looks and feels comfortable and our furry ones are no exception. Now look at this sofa bed for pets. Doesn't it look comfortable? Doesn't it sort of make you want to try it out? Not only it looks comfortable, it indeed is comfortable. And the minimalist design in neutral color of this couch bed seamlessly integrates with stylish home decor. From now on, you will find this couch bed occupied by your cats and small dogs ninety percent of the time if not more. 

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 44lbs
  • Two Sizes: Small (14.7 inch diameter) and Large (26.5 inch diameter)
  • Removable plush cushion pad with waterproof layer inside
  • Anti-slip pads on the feet protects the floor from scratches
  • Hand wash only for removable cushion pad

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